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Final upload of digipak advert

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Evaluation – Point 3

Audience Feedback


Above is feedback from friends as school, not really constructive feedback but it is all positive so that good.

Below is feedback from more school friends. Billy and Joseph gave good constructive feedback. Billy talked about how the lip syncing could have been done a bit better. Joseph commented on the letter boxing and said that he preferred it without it.  main main2 mum

Above is feedback from family friends. Matias commented about the atmosphere that was created within the music video. I am personally very happy with the atmosphere that I created and was something I was striving for throughout the production of the video.

Below is some analytical data from YouTube.

The video has done quite well on YouTube an has received positive comments and a good view count (YouTube only counts views of people who are signed in now). 6 people added it to there favorites which is always a good sign and it has received 27 likes so far with only 2 dislikes. For the demographics most of my views have come from America, which is then followed by the UK and Germany. 88% of the views have been from YouTube directly where as only 9.9% have been from embedded views from other websites such as WordPress. The video also gained me 2 subscribers which shows that the video is good enough for people want to see more.  Yt1 Yt2

Below is the comments that I received from the video on YouTube. They are all positive which is good.


I also posted the view on Reddit, however it got no comments, but it did get 1o up-votes which is nice.

reditBelow is an email from a school friend. He says that he enjoyed the camera angles and the colour scheme.

emailBelow is anther email from a school friend. This was probably the bets most in depth feedback that I received. He says the he liked my creative style of the shallow depth of field and the juxtaposition of the bars scenes. However he also criticised  how their was a lack of typography and this could have made it better.

email topBelow is a Audience feedback video that I made